May 13, 2023

All of the Original Illustrations From Charles Dickens’ Novels Are Available To View Online

Few authors are as world-renowned as Charles Dickens. From Oliver Twist to A Tale of Two Cities, the 19th-century writer produced some of the most acclaimed novels that are still widely read and studied today. And while his work is now enjoyed in book form, it's not how his stories were appreciated during the Victorian era. Instead, Dickens' works were published in serialized installments, ranging from weekly to monthly. Accompanying his stories were detailed illustrations.

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April 10, 2023

Learn How Color Theory Can Push Your Creativity to the Next Level

Color is one of the seven elements of art and one of the first things we learn in school. Understanding the basic primary colors and how they blend is an activity found in most elementary school classrooms, but that’s just one piece of a much larger field known as color theory. Used by painters, graphic designers, interior decorators, and anyone working in visual culture, color theory is an essential part of any creative’s toolkit.

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March 22, 2023

National Park Service Releases Free Crochet Patterns for Adorable Fish Plushies

Want to dip your toes into crocheting? The National Park Service offers two free patterns that will surely make your first project a splash. Based on species of fish indigenous to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and Voyageurs National Park, these tutorials are designed for beginners and regular crocheters. Ranger Hailey Burley put together two patterns which include necessary materials, instructions for all of the steps, and helpful photographs.

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February 4, 2023

25 Best Love Quotes From Literature, Poetry, and Pop Culture

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching and many of us will be searching for the words to express just how much we love the people in our lives. Sending a valentine to a lover is a centuries-old tradition. In the 19th century, lovelorn Victorians sent intricate, expandable paper creations. Today, options for love messages and sweet notes abound. On Etsy you will find adorable puns and sweet cats dancing across cards made by independent artists.

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