February 15, 2019

Learn How Acrylic Mediums Can Transform the Way You Use Paint

Acrylic paint is popular because of how easy it is to use. With just a couple of your favorite colors, a paintbrush, canvas, and water, you can start creating beautiful works of art. Unlike oils, there’s no long drying times or special tools needed to clean your brushes. This makes acrylics perfect for traditional painting, but they also lend themselves to adorning objects and mixing media. Acrylics are versatile, but they come with some drawbacks.

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February 9, 2019

Learn How to Draw Feathers with This Step-By-Step Guide

In the realm of drawing, there are a lot of popular subjects that you should learn. Feathers rank as one of these topics, and it should come as no surprise—there are hundreds of millions of birds in the world. If you want to start drawing these creatures, you’re going to have to become comfortable with sketching a lot of feathers.

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January 9, 2019

Interview: Researcher Creates Free Archive of Over 3,000 19th-Century Shakespeare Illustrations

There is perhaps no other author as synonymous with English literature as William Shakespeare. His works—from the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet to the wicked ambition of Macbeth—continue to capture the imagination of the public. Though many academics have studied the playwright, Dr. Michael John Goodman approached his work from a new angle. As part of his Ph.D., Goodman created the Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive (VISA), a database of over 3,000 Shakespeare illustrations.

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