November 27, 2022

14 Famous Astronomers That Any Lover of the Cosmos Needs To Know

Since the beginning of recorded history, our universe has provoked questions and sparked curiosity. Nebulae, planets, galaxies, asteroids, black holes—the list of fascinating celestial objects goes on and on. And while there are still many mysteries of our universe that remain unexplained, thanks to the work of famous astronomers throughout history we've discovered many answers about the stars.

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November 3, 2022

NASCAR Driver Beats Other Racers Using Moves From a Video Game

Professional athletes will do what it takes to win and a NASCAR driver just proved that. Ross Chastain tried a tricky move from a video game and catapulted himself from 10th to 5th place, which qualified him for the NASCAR Championship. In a clip that's gone viral, Chastain launches his car against the wall of the track during his last lap.

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