July 15, 2024

Colorful Infographics Explore the Mysterious World of Exoplanets

Since 1992, when the first exoplanet was confirmed, over 6,600 have been discovered in 4,868 planetary systems. Inspired by these discoveries, Slovakian artist and designer Martin Vargic has created two visual representations that are aesthetically beautiful and scientifically fascinating. One infographic, the Exoplanet Zoo, shows over 1,100 known exoplanets arranged by the amount of heat they receive from their relative stars.

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July 6, 2024

Meet the Lokiceratops, a Dinosaur With Unique Horns

Dinosaurs range from the tallest (sauroposeidon) to the smallest (alvarezsaur). New species are continually being discovered, and yet another unique species has resurfaced from ancient rock. This fancy four-legged beast discovered in Montana has ornate horns, inspiring its new scientific name Lokiceratops rangiformis. The discovery was announced in PeerJ. Lokiceratops rangiformis was a massive beast that roamed Earth about 78 million years ago.

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June 25, 2024

Jupiter’s Most Stunning Images Captured by NASA’s JunoCam in Sharp Detail

Since it first entered Jupiter's orbit in 2016, NASA's JunoCam has given the world an unparalleled look at the planet. This visible-light camera/telescope sits in the Juno space probe and sends data back to Earth each time it completes a flyby of the gas giant. Thanks to citizen scientists who process the raw data that NASA uploads, we can see a crisp, clear view of Jupiter in all its glory.

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