September 17, 2019

MIT Engineers Discover World’s Blackest Black, Taking Title from Vantablack

Move over, Vantablack—there’s a new blackest black in town. Engineers at MIT have developed a new material that’s 10 times blacker than anything previously created. This means that Anish Kapoor, who caused a stir when he purchased the rights to Vantablack in 2016, will no longer control usage of the blackest black in the world. Made of carbon nanotubes, this new material captures 99.995 percent of all incoming light.

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August 9, 2019

Color-Changing Tattoos May Change the Way We Monitor Health Issues

Monitoring your health may get a lot easier thanks to technology being developed by a team of researchers in Germany. As detailed in a recently published article, scientists have developed tattoos that change color according to the body’s levels of glucose and albumin or its pH. This would allow patients with illnesses like diabetes or kidney disease to keep track of their health without having to take constant blood samples.

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