March 24, 2024

Here’s Why Medieval Medicine Was Not as Bad as We Think

Think of medieval doctors and you probably picture a man dressed in robes, perhaps with a plague mask. In the popular imagination, medicine of the Middle Ages is all leeches, bloodletting, and mystical charms and potions. But to a medieval mind, our modern surgery, pharmaceuticals, and blood tests might look just as divorced from scientific reality.

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March 20, 2024

Scientists Discover Brightest Object in Space That Is 500 Trillion Times Brighter Than Our Sun

Stars dominate our nighttime visual universes, dazzling us with beauty and sparkle as they rise in the evening and shift with the seasons. Chief among the stars is our Sun, so bright you cannot look directly at it without vision damage. However, stars—and even our Sun—are not the brightest things in the universe. Quasars hold that highest honor.

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March 18, 2024

Giant Volcano the Size of Mount Everest Is Discovered on Mars

According to recent findings, there is a huge volcano the size of Mount Everest on the surface of Mars with a thick layer of glacial ice at its base. It is located near the Martian equator, in the rocky terrain of the Tharsis volcanic province. As its name might suggest, the area is rife with volcanic activity, and this newly discovered volcano is one of three that have already been identified in the region.

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March 15, 2024

Biologist Wins This Year’s ‘Dance Your PhD’ Contest With a Catchy Song About Kangaroo Behavior

Some of the catchiest songs out there are inspired by love, heartbreak, or simply partying; however, the next club hit could be a fun song about kangaroo behavior. If it sounds like an obscure scientific topic, that's because it is. Weliton Menário Costa, who goes by WELI, is a biologist who just won the a science competition named “Dance Your PhD” with an upbeat tune called “Kangaroo Time.

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