July 25, 2023

Adorable Train Redesigned With Sacred Nara Deer Decor Is a Big Hit in Japan

Seeing wild animals in the middle of a city is a rare occurrence in most places, but not in the Japanese city of Nara. Here, there is an unrestricted deer population which is considered sacred and given free rein to roam the streets. As a result, the ancient capital has become a popular tourist destination for people who want to see animals occupying a manmade city completely unfettered.

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July 4, 2023

Ideal Road Trip Route That’ll Get You 70-Degree Weather Year-Round

Some people prefer the long, warm days of summer; others revel in a crisp fall night. Either way, most people can agree that mild weather is the most comfortable—you're not sweating but you're not shivering either. With all the varied ecosystems that make up the United States, it sounds like a daydream to get good weather year-round without leaving the country. Or is it?

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June 8, 2023

OutpostX Offers a Stunning Glamping Oasis in the Utah Desert

Two hundred and forty acres of the southern Utah desert are being transformed into a glamorous glamping experience called OutpostX. Ten units with four different concepts cater to adventurous souls who are seeking a dreamlike vacation under the stars. After two years in development, construction is 80% complete and OutpostX is taking their first reservations on Indiegogo, with the intention of having stays begin in August. Supporters can select stays at different types of lodging.

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