September 13, 2022

Italy Will Pay People Over $15,000 to Move to the Island of Sardinia

Italy is a dream destination for many people. Between the stunning landscapes and the long history of art and culture, there is a lot to appreciate in this small European country. And while most people plan on only visiting, there are increasing opportunities to move to certain regions. Not only that, but the Italian government is even paying people to relocate.

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August 5, 2022

Southwest Airlines Welcomes First-Ever Mother and Daughter Pilot Duo

Not many people can share their dream job with their family members. However, one mother and daughter are making history as the first-ever pilot duo for Southwest Airlines. First Officer Keely Petitt took her first flight alongside her mother, Captain Holly Petitt, on Flight 3658 from Denver to St. Louis. Holly started her career in aviation right after college, beginning as a flight attendant and gradually studying to become a pilot.

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July 4, 2022

Photographer Documents the Magical Moments When Indigenous Peruvians Visited Machu Picchu for the First Time [Interview]

Every year over 1.5 million people visit Peru's Machu Picchu. This gem of the Inca Empire attracts tourists from around the world who endure a long hike to view the 15th-century citadel in all its glory. Local porters are a critical part of Machu Picchu's tourism, as they carry supplies and break down camp for tourists as they make their way along the Inca Trail.

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