November 27, 2022

Eye-Opening Video Series Reveals How Fashion Has Changed Since Ancient Times

Could you imagine going your whole life without properly seeing your own reflection? Or wearing a corset every day, even while working outside in the summer? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that this was the reality for many people centuries ago. In a series titled Getting Dressed in… by Crows Eye Productions, the dressing processes of people from different eras are revealed.

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November 13, 2022

How Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” Became an Iconic Part of Internet Culture

When he stepped into the music studio as a shy 19-year-old, Rick Astley had no idea that he would become a monolith of meme culture decades later. A short documentary from Vice dives into the origins of the singer’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” with interviews from the team that created it. It also provides background on how the song and the iconic music video were jettisoned—and re-jettisoned—into pop culture prominence.

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November 1, 2022

Baby Elephant Thanks Little Girl After She Helps It Get Unstuck From the Mud [Video]

With only about 415,000 elephants left in Africa and and 40,000 in Asia, this species ranges from the vulnerable to the endangered, which means they need all the help they can get from us. While some communities have come together to support elephants, once in a while some of these creatures need immediate assistance. This was the case for a baby elephant who got stuck in the mud on the side of a road.

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October 28, 2022

1,000 Drones Put on a Spectacular Light Performance in the Sky at Burning Man

For 36 years, Burning Man has been a gathering place for art lovers across the globe. This year’s event showcased incredible art installations that festival goers very much welcomed after a two-year hiatus. One artistic display in particular has highlighted the self-defined city’s momentary beauty with spectacular drone shows that painted the night sky and has kept burners talking long after they have left.

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