February 23, 2024

Watch Steve-O Use Steve Wozniak’s Apple Employee Discount to Buy Himself a New Computer

Things are getting more and more expensive, so any sort of discount can come in handy, especially when you’re aiming to buy a something costly like a computer. So when comedian Steve-O realized one of his friends could get him a sweet employee discount on a new MacBook Air, he didn't hesitate to ask. But this was no regular Apple employee—it was Steve Wozniak himself, who co-founded the company alongside Steve Jobs back in 1976.

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February 17, 2024

Best Uncle Ever Hypes Up His Niece as a Backup Dancer at Her Talent Show

Few things make children as happy as seeing their families supporting them at school recitals. This means not only showing up on their big day, but also helping them with preparations. For one uncle, this meant responding to his niece's call to be her back up dancer. Not only did he agree, but he actually enhanced the girl's performance with an amazing dance routine.

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