September 22, 2020

Inspiring Kids From Uganda Show off Their Amazing Dance Skills in Choreographed Routines

Dancing brings joy to both those performing it and the people watching. For proof, look no further than the videos produced by Masaka Kids Africana, an organization that is dedicated to supporting children in “education and social well being, through their talents.” The troupe is composed of kids (ages two and up) from Uganda. They all are incredible dancers and show off their awe-inspiring moves in charming routines set to African tunes.

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September 10, 2020

Underwater Video Captures the Unusual Way Flamingos Eat

Have you ever wondered how flamingos eat with their curved bills? The San Diego Zoo is educating the public on flamingo feeding habits with a new video showing the brilliantly pink birds feeding underwater. The video was taken at the birds' mealtime by an underwater camera placed inside the zoo's flamingo feeding pool. In the video, the birds dip their hooked bills to skim the bottom.

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September 3, 2020

David Blaine Floats 24,900 Feet Over the Arizona Desert Using Only 52 Helium Balloons

Eight years after his last public stunt, American illusionist David Blaine completed yet another stunning spectacle with The Ascension. Streamed live on YouTube, the performance saw Blaine get carried up and away by 52 helium balloons. After reaching an incredible altitude of 24,900 feet, he then parachuted back to Earth. The moving performance was inspired both by his childhood and his nine-year-old daughter Dessa.

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