Gorgeous Flower Parade Features Giant Floats Made From Thousands of Dahlias


Since 1936, the town of Zundert in the south of the Netherlands has hosted an annual flower parade called Corso Zundert, featuring moving floats festooned with bright spreads of blooms. Each year, 20 groups of volunteers arrive from different hamlets to compete with their massive and magnificent designs, which are typically blanketed with thousands of dahlias and integrated with moving elements.

The winner for 2016 was titled Dangerous Transportation, designed by the hamlet of Tiggelaar. The fearsome, fiery dragon was complete with steam shooting from its nostrils, jaw opened wide to reveal sharp fangs. Its rivals varied from a tumbling pack of foxes to a hive of human-sized honey bees, each one gargantuan and gorgeously complex.

With their fine sculptural shaping and precise patterns, it’s hard to believe that these massive figures are truly comprised of ephemeral blossoms—built not to last, but to delight local citizens (and wide-eyed visitors) for a one-day celebration. Fortunately, they’re preserved for posterity in photographs. You can check them out below and see all 20 on the Corso Zundert website.

Image above via Erwin Martins



Image via Erwin Martins


Image via John DG Photography

5corsozundertErwinMartens17Image via Erwin Martens

6corsozundertJD1Image via John DG Photography

7corsozundertMalouEvers2Image via Malou Evers

8corsozundertMalouEvers3Image via Malou Evers

9corsozundertErwinMartens11Image via Erwin Martens

10corsozundertErwinMartens6Image via Erwin Martens

11corsozundertMalouEvers4Image via Malou Evers

12corsozundertMalouEvers1Image via Malou Evers

13corsozundertJD2Image via John DG Photography

14corsozundertErwinMartens10Image via Erwin Martens

15corsozundertErwinMartens7Image via Erwin Martens

16corsozundertJD3Image via John DG Photography

Corso Zundert: Website | Facebook | Twitter
via [Colossal]

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