Photographer Shares “Fundamentals of Posing” So Anyone Can Be an Effective Model

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Posing for a photo can a bit awkward, or even intimidating, if you aren’t a trained model. But once you learn the basics, there's nothing to be afraid of. Photographer David Suh is hoping to make it easier for everybody by sharing what he calls “The Fundamentals of Posing.” And while it may sound like a thorough subject matter, it all comes down to a few tips utilizing parts of your body.

In the caption, Suh credits fellow photographer Sue Bryce for teaching him how to “never run out of poses.” He then explains that we all have seven posing points from bottom up—ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and neck. “Changing just one of these points will make a new pose,” Suh shares.

The photographer proves his point by starting with his first pose—a timeless hand on hip—and making micro adjustments. “We can place a foot further,” he offers as an alternative. “We can rotate or even go up to a tip toe.” The photographer moves with the grace of a dancer, showing his mastery of the human body. He then explores the many options hips, shoulders, and even head tilts can offer. “And just by changing the seven of posing points one by one we were able to make so many poses out of that one pose,” Suh explains.

While most people were thankful and thrilled to learn, others were wary of Suh's poses “with flavor,” as he describes them. For those who felt the poses were too flamboyant or “not masculine enough,” the photographer shares some less expressive alternatives, using less of the seven points. He suggests a simple foot placement, relaxed knees, or touching a watch. “And that's how you pose if you're worried about what others will think of you.”

To stay up with Suh and never miss any of his posing advice, follow him on Instagram.

Photographer David Suh is making posing for photographs easier for everybody by sharing the “fundamentals of posing.”

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