Classic Cars Perfectly Explode Into Thousands of Tiny Pieces

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is the master of high-speed photography. His recent exploding cars projects, Hatch and Disintegrating, feature that signature style with a twist.

For Disintegrating (above), Oefner carefully disassembled 1950s and 1960s model cars and individually photographed each part, using needles and string to achieve the proper placement. He then played with the viewer's understanding of reality by digitally combining the elements together into one explosive image. It took him three weeks to arrange the thousands of car parts and beautiful lighting that combine into the illusion of automobiles bursting apart in a flash right before our eyes.

“What you see in these images, is a moment that never existed in real life. What looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending hundreds of individual images together,” explains Oefner.

The second project, Hatch (below), was born from the idea of a baby bird hatching from an egg. To create the sensation that the car was actually hatching from its own shell, Oefner made a latex mold of the body and smashed it on top of the miniature automobile.

If you like this work, you can check out the artist's other projects including everything from bursting soap bubbles to colorfully dancing salts.

Fabian Oefner's website
via [Wired], [Dezeen]

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