Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump into Illusion of Bucket Pouring Water

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art

The best chainsaw artists have the ability to completely transform wood, molding it into incredible new shapes while bringing out the best of the material. In the case of Romanian artist Gabi Rizea, he's managed to merge his work as an engineer with his passion for chainsaw art, to spectacular results.

Even though he only began to carve wood in 2014, his knowledge and skill level has rapidly grown. His latest piece Apa—which means water in Romanian—transforms a rotting ash stump into a pail with water spilling out. Located in a children's park in Craiova, Romania, the work was especially challenging due to the insects eating away at the rotted stump.

Rizea began by carving a few stumps in his yard and then continued to hone his craft as neighbors began to request his artwork. And just how did he get the idea for this clever wood sculpture? “I d0n't know, in my mind sometimes I have some images,” he tells My Modern Met. “When I work, it's me, the log, and God.”

With Apa, Rizea's brilliant idea skillfully molds the hard wood into a silky surface. Smoothly flowing down, the wood grain gives extra movement and texture to the “water” pouring from the bucket. Especially captivating is how the water blends into the raw stump, with one section smoothly flowing down, almost touching the ground. Certain to delight the children at the park, Rizea demonstrates through his wood sculpture how the imagination is just as powerful as any chainsaw.

Chainsaw artist Gabi Rizea transformed a rotting tree stump into a brilliant piece of wood sculpture at a children's park in Romania.

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art wood sculpture

Before getting started, he has some fun making a quick “sketch” with his chainsaw.

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art wood sculpture

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art wood sculpture

The sculpture was especially challenging, as the stump was partially rotted and eaten away by insects.

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Artist

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Artist

Rizea conquered the task, leaving a beautiful piece of chainsaw art behind.

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art wood sculpture

Gabi Rizea Chainsaw Art wood sculpture

Gabi Rizea: Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Gabi Rizea.

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Jessica Stewart

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