Finding Solitary Peace in Breathtaking Natural Landscapes

Since 2006, Gustav Willeit has worked as a freelance photographer in both Italy and Switzerland. In this series, entitled Perat, the Italy-born artist allows us to escape into a wondrous, natural world of stark beauty and isolation. With just one single, lone person in sight, Willeit features the remote landscapes that haven't yet been touched by human hand. The tiny speck of a person, silhouetted against the massive landscapes, is a visual reminder of the commanding force that nature has over humankind.

Viewers can experience a peaceful reverie as the clouds breeze across the frame, the crystal clear water stills without a single ripple, and the freshly fallen snow has yet to be trampled upon. Dark clouds and vibrant color palettes draw the eye in to explore the natural surroundings of these rarely explored locations, and the quiet solitude will leave you lingering for hours. On those hectic days when you need a tranquil moment, I would highly recommend taking a few moments of respite in Willeit's solitary worlds.

Gustav Willeit's website
via [Farewell Kingdom]

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