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Heartwarming Comic Shows the Power of Unity in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Animal Comics by Liz Climo

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For years, comic artist Liz Climo has illustrated a changing cast of animal characters who interact with each other like humans do. Combining their unique creature qualities with the emotional intelligence of people, the one to three-panel animal comics display sweet moments of humor, friendship, and compassion. Climo demonstrates this—at its best—in her latest work of sequential art that’s about Hurricane Harvey, dedicated to “everyone who’s hurting and everyone who’s helping.”

Without mentioning the weather event by name, Climo simply reminds us that we all need to help each other when we can. The comic starts with three blue birds that are talking among themselves. “Tide’s coming up” one of them says. “We’d better go.” In the next panel, Climo pans out to show that there’s a flightless kiwi bird standing alongside them. The blue trio turns their heads while one realizes, “Wait, what about Mike?” In the final scene, the three blue birds are seen flying away, each holding part of a vine. Mike uses his beak to grab on tight, and they head towards safety. The endearing yet poignant illustration shows that when we work together, no one has to be left behind.

Climo has a way of tugging at your heartstrings while making you smile at the same time. Check out more of her comics below or them enjoy them in book form—her work is now available on Amazon.

Illustrator Liz Climo recently created a three-panel comic that offers an endearing-yet-poignant tribute to those dealing with tropical storm Harvey.

Friendship and helping others plays a big role in Climo’s animal comics. Here are some more of her latest drawings:

Animal Comics by Liz ClimoAnimal Comics by Liz ClimoAnimal Comics by Liz ClimoAnimal Comics by Liz ClimoAnimal Comics by Liz ClimoLiz Climo: Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

All images via Liz Climo.

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