Watch How This Artist “Draws” With Fire To Create Photorealistic Portraits

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Woman

The phrase “forged in fire” can refer to overcoming difficult experiences or obstacles thrown your way; however, the work of Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko gives this expression another meaning. The talented pyrography artist uses fire to “draw” incredibly detailed portraits.

Idoko's portraits are so full of life and emotion that at first glance, it seems as though you're looking at a sepia-toned photo. Once you realize his images are actually made by hand, it's natural to think he crafted the lifelike portrait with pencil on paper. It's only when he shares his process on social media that it becomes clear that the artist never picks up a pencil at any stage of his creative process. Instead, he reaches for a blowtorch. Idoko uses the controlled flames to darken the canvas and create the illusion of depth and texture, which provides the lifelike appearances that his portraits are known for.

The artist's painstaking attention to detail is apparent in every portrait he creates. And even though his pieces vary in size, shape, and complexity, the Black experience is always at the center of Idoko's work. “I am inspired by the quiet moments where emotions linger from the edges of everyday scenes and daily lifestyles in my community,” Idoko says on his website. “I capture these fleeting expressions, quiet emotions and ignites them on canvas. These transformed experiences that resonates with me, become mirrors to me, reflecting not only their own narratives but also my strength and vulnerabilities.”

To keep up to date with his latest creations, you can follow Idoko on Instagram and TikTok. If you are interested in owning a print of his work, check out his online shop.

Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko uses fire to create gorgeous detailed portraits.

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Two Women

Using heat to expertly darken certain areas of his canvas, Idoko is able to create the illusion of depth and texture, giving his pyrography a photorealistic quality.

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Woman

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Two Women Wearing Identical Clothes

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Woman

As a result, all of his pieces are stunningly detailed.

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Man Standing With His Back To An Identical Newspaper Cutout Of His Body

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Three Woman With Objects Blocking Their Faces

Pyrographic Art Drawing Of Two Men Standing Facing Each Other With Inverted Colors

For those curious about how Idoko is able to create such exquisite works of art with fire, the artist routinely posts time-lapse videos of his process on social media.

@alexpeter_idokoEvery fire stroke on canvas captures a piece of my journey . “Awaiting The Breeze” Fire and acrylic on canvas

♬ Moonlight Sonata – Lola & Hauser

@alexpeter_idoko The fire process. Bringing the subject to life with Fire on wood x Blade The journey of African women whose environment , culture and her information shaped their personalities #PyrographyArt #SievertBurner #Art ♬ original sound – Alex Peter Art

@alexpeter_idoko Fire process on canvas.. Commission piece for @ndidi25 Pyro-fusion art 55 x 44 inches #AlexPeterIdoko #Pyrofusionism #Footballer #leicestercity #Art #Fireart #Thejourney ♬ Breathtaker – SYML

@alexpeter_idoko Using Fire and razorblade to draw and create water on wood. #PyrographyArt #Art #Artwork ♬ original sound – Alex Peter Art

Alex Peter Idoko: Website | Instagram | TikTok

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Alex Peter Idoko.

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