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Relatable Illustrations Celebrate the Tiny Victories of Realizing You’re an Adult

Adulting Funny Illustrations

Have you ever congratulated yourself on adulting? If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it describes someone who is of adult age but doesn’t feel like one. So, when they do adult things like remembering to use a reusable shopping bag, it’s a small victory. Because after all, being a grown up is tough—but celebrating these little moments makes it easier. If you too regularly “adult,” you’re not alone. Others—particularly Millennials—are embracing this practice and showcasing all of their #adulting online. Designer and illustrator Cristina Vanko is one them, and she shares her accomplishments through her ongoing project aptly called #100daysofadulting.

Each of the funny illustrations start with the phrase, “You know you’re an adult when…” and they fill in the blank from there. Using a bright, cartoonish style and hand lettering, Vanko depicts parts of her life that goes on without much fanfare. But, when these moments happen, they signify a bigger shift in how she lives her life. Take concerts, for instance. In pre-adulting years, Vanko might’ve stood up and watched the entire show. Now, she enjoys the live event from the comfort of her seat—because hey, she paid for it!

In addition to cataloging moments through Instagram, Vanko has created a corresponding journal called Adult-ish. Here, you too can document all of the ways in which you’re growing up—such as drawing your first piece of furniture (bonus if it’s not from IKEA). “It’s always weird to me when people tell me ‘we’re so old!’ in a negative way,” Vanko told Brit + Co. “It’s part of life and we’re all moving forward. So let’s make the best of it!”

Cristina Vanko celebrates adulting with her ongoing series of funny illustrations. Each starts out with “You know you’re an adult when…”

#100daysofadulting: Instagram
Cristina Vanko: Website | Instagram 
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All images via Cristina Vanko.

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