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Marigolds Pour Out of a Giant Orange Paint Tube in Visually Playful Installation

Gardeners know how much of a difference a brightly-colored flowerbed can make on a freshly-cut lawn, but a little creativity can take it to a whole other level. Rather than simply lining up a series of colorful plants, this beautiful display arranged in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France playfully sprawls vibrant marigolds into a swerving line, simulating the notion of flowers whimsically leaking out of a giant orange paint tube.

Photographer Steve Hughes was lucky enough to stumble upon this installation at a local park; however, the artist behind it remains unknown. If you have any information about who created this wonderful piece, please leave a comment below!

Top photo credit: Steve Hughes

Photo credit: Steve Hughes

Photo credit: Steve Hughes

Photo credit: Robert Eke

via [Colossal]

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