May 13, 2024

Artist Restores Shattered Plates With Spectacular Pen and Ink Drawings

After accidentally breaking a plate, most people would throw it away; however, artist Robert Strati takes a different approach. He transforms shattered plates into imaginative pieces of art. With pen in hand, the gifted creative lays the fragmented pottery on his canvas and fills in the empty spaces between them with swirling ornate designs that match the patterns already printed on the ceramic shards.

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March 20, 2024

Zaria Forman’s Latest Pastel Drawings Highlight the Fragility of Polar Ice

For two decades, artist Zaria Forman has committed herself to creating art that speaks to Earth's changing climate. Specifically, her enormous pastel drawings of polar ice and the Arctic landscape highlight the urgency needed to counteract the warming of the planet. In her new exhibition Fellsfjara, Iceland, Forman looks closely at the polar ice that has accumulated on Iceland's black sand beaches.

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March 4, 2024

Imaginative Nature Doodles Fill Countless Pages

There is a special kind of beauty that goes along with nature artwork. Many find harmony and peace in the magical symmetry of the natural world, with every petal and leaf mapped out flawlessly. The art created by the Instagram user Licosmoss, who goes by Anna, is no different. The artist fills page upon page with repeating natural patterns and designs. “[My] main inspiration is nature, childhood memories [and] geometry,” Anna said.

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