November 24, 2023

26 Thoughtful Gifts for Artists Who Draw

If you're shopping for an artist in your life, then you may be searching for some creative ideas. Well, before you start adding things to your cart, it's important to consider what medium your favorite artist specializes in. If they're an artist who draws, such as an illustrator, designer, or cartoonist, then you may want to look at things from their perspective.

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October 3, 2023

Surreal “Incomplete” Portraits Capture the Evocative Spirit of Different People

When creating a portrait, Florian Nicolle looks beyond the physical appearance of his model and works to capture their spirit. His mixed media portraits often focus on a singular part of the face, asking viewers to examine certain features closely, while others fade into the background. The results are mysterious and dynamic illustrations that dive into the soul of each person.

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