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Interactive Dancing Traffic Light Makes Waiting to Cross the Street More Fun

It's easy to become impatient while waiting to cross a busy intersection. Recently, the original smart car company, Smart, designed this clever and interactive sign to entertain pedestrians while waiting to safely cross the street.

Installed in Lisbon, Portugal, The Dancing Traffic Light actually shows off the dance moves of people in real time. Individuals are invited to enter a large booth located nearby. First, they choose their own music and then, when the light turns red, the music begins to play and every dance move is translated into a little red dancing figure on the street corner.

Instead of hurrying across the street in front of a speeding car or a moving bus, pedestrians found themselves captivated by the silly movements featured on the crosswalk sign. According to research, 81% more people stopped at the red light. That's definitely a safety stat worth celebrating with some stylish dance moves! Check out the video below to see the creative concept in action.

Smart website
via [Designboom]

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