Incredible Cityscapes of Dubai and Singapore in the Midst of Lightning Storms

Lightning Strike in the City

Dubai-based photographer Teemu Jarvinen expresses his love for the urban environment with his evocative cityscapes. From  Dubai to Singapore, Jarvinen is able to document the cities in a new, daring manner. His cinematic inspirations, which include Blade Runner, have helped shaped his style. Through his lens, each city is a steel trap glowing from within.

In Jarvinen's world, there are no humans—just high rises. His addiction to outdoing his own work is evident in his imagery, which includes some impressive storm photography. Several photos show Dubai's famed Burj Khalifa lit by powerful lightning bolts in the sky. Jarvinen is continually honing his craft in search of the ideal composition and will go to any lengths to make one photo better than the next.

For Jarvinen, adult life in Dubai is a stark contrast to his childhood. Raised in a small Finnish town of just 6,000 people, he was always drawn to cities. “Something about being in the middle—or better yet, above—a big city brings me peace and awe at the same time,” he tells My Modern Met.

While he doesn't feel that his work has a message, he's more recently tried to focus on conveying emotion in his photographs. By provoking a sense of wonder and awe, it's his hope that viewers will be transported to another world.

Teemu Jarvinen's night cityscapes often show well-loved cities in the midst of extreme weather.

Stormy Weather in the City

Nighttime in Singapore by Teemu Jarvinen

Nighttime in the City

Teemu Jarvinen - Cityscapes

Singapore Marina at Night

Teemu Jarvinen - Cityscapes

Aerial View of City Covered in Fog

Teemu Jarvinen: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Teemu Jarvinen.

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