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Ordinary Objects Humorously Replaced with Baguettes

Baguette-Me-Nots is an unusually funny Tumblr blog started by comedic duo Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser (of comedy group Serious Lunch) that involves nothing more than humorously replacing objects and limbs with baguettes. The quirky project inserts the large loafs of bread in place of ordinary items like a toothbrush, gardening hose, razor, and flute. The long, narrow French bread is even used to take the place of human limbs and a dog.

Despite how unusual the content seems, the unusual set of images aren’t Photoshopped. In fact, everyone is in on the joke, as most of the models are comedians and actors themselves. The series has already seen cameos from the likes of Matthew Broderick, George Takei, Kristin Chenoweth, SNL‘s Kate McKinnon, and many more active funny people. With any luck, they might all be at the forefront of a photo trend known as Baguetting.

Baguette-Me-Nots blog
via [Lost at E Minor]

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