Innovative Turbine Combines Wind and Solar Power To Create Sustainable Energy System

Startup Combines Solar and Wind to Create an Innovative Mixed-Energy System

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Solar and wind energy are critical to a clean, climate-friendly future. Many companies and homeowners in recent years have installed solar panels to trap the sun's energy, while wind farms have sprung up on land and sea to harvest powerful gusts. The French startup Unéole has created a unique wind turbine with solar panels to create a silent, innovative, and integrated clean energy system that offers 40% more energy than solar alone.

The cube-like device is made of recycled metal materials and ideally crafted near the building on the roof where it will sit. A row of wind turbines is beneath a platform of solar panels. Working with specialized a designer, ESER, Unéole adapts its turbines to all types of flat roofs of an area of 1,615 square feet or more. Algorithms choose how many turbines and panels will produce optimal energy at a given site.

Currently, a test device is installed above the CD2e LumiWatt site in Loos-en-Gohelle, Pas-de-Calais, France. Unéole will gauge its success and move forward in production accordingly. Intended for city use, the device improves energy production by 40% over solar alone. When the sun is weak, the wind turbines can pick up the slack. (The same goes for during the winter or the evening.) Best of all, the device is certified as silent by CEREMA, a French agency that tested for electromagnetic waves which might cause issues.

While these turbine devices are not yet ready for your rooftop, they offer one more way to shift to a sustainable future.

French startup Unéole has created a wind turbine with solar panels to create a silent, innovative, and integrated clean energy system.

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