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Madeleine Muzdakis is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and a historian of early modern Britain & the Atlantic world. She holds a BA in History and Mathematics from Brown University and an MA in European & Russian Studies from Yale University. Madeleine has worked in archives and museums for years with a particular focus on photography and arts education. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking, film photography, and studying law while cuddling with her cat Georgia.

December 6, 2023

Prized ‘Inverted Jenny’ Stamp Sells for $1.7 Million

Everyone has their hobby, and one of the most paradigmatic is stamp collecting. The hobby has existed since the 19th century when adhesive stamps began to be created, sold, and used. Enthusiasts can count among their members John Lennon, Amelia Earhart, Freddie Mercury, and King George V. But few of even the most elite stamp collectors get to purchase the stamp-collecting holy grail, the Inverted Jenny.

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December 3, 2023

32 Artistic Calendars and Planners for 2024 That You Can Buy on Etsy

New year, new calendar, new planner. There is no better way to ring in 2024 than with a calendar or planner that meets your needs and supports small businesses. Whether you pencil people in—or confidently scribble in ink—planning for the future is a way to reduce stress in the present. Work meetings, life goals, and connecting with loved ones can fill your schedule until travel, music, and parties return.

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November 24, 2023

Footprints in New Mexico Suggest That Humans Were Already in North America Over 20,000 Years Ago

The longstanding theory is that humans arrived in the Americas about 16,000 years ago. They migrated down the Pacific Coast after crossing the Bering Strait on a land bridge that once existed. They may have then used boats to sail down the coast around glaciers which were still extant as the last Ice Age wound down.

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