Creative Childhood Dreams Recreated in Surreal Scenes

Memoirs of Lost Time is an emotionally-driven photo series inspired by childhood dreams and imagination. It was created by writer, researcher and fashion designer Trisha Sakhlecha in collaboration with photographer Vikram Kushwah.

The pair produced visual narratives based on the stories of a number of different personalities. The compositions place single adults in surreal adventures, like a woman drifting along in a bathtub boat in the middle of the woods or another woman floating through the air in a basket of balloons. Kushwah transforms imagination into reality in the moments that seem like snippets out of a dream.

Using a color palette of browns and yellows, the photographer creates antique, aged images that produce feelings of nostalgia and expose the childlike fantasies of each subject. Time has passed by, but each person still maintains a sense of innocent wonder. Kushwah says, “Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it's time for wishful thinking to have its due.”

Vikram Kushwah's website
via [It's Complicated]

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