Old Water Tower Converted into a Beautiful Modern Home

Architect Mauro Brigham of Bham Design Studio has repurposed an old water tower in Belgium, simply known as Chateau d’eau, into a livable home. The 30-meter-high tower, which was first constructed sometime between 1938 and 1941, has been transformed into a high-tech, modern residence that offers all the amenities of a typical house, from a bedroom and bathroom, to storage space and a panoramic terrace.

The exterior of the six-story structure was originally renovated prior to the interior restoration which began in 2007. Once the “damaged concrete columns were repaired and painted, brick joints were completely removed and replaced and the windows in the floor top were enlarged,” Brigham and his team proceeded to work on the interior design.

Built to house a single family, the water tower home features a number of desirable aspects for any homeowner as well as a few truly unique functions. The home comes fully equipped with the latest IT technology and an advanced domotics system that allows one to control various facets of the home. This includes anything from controlling the intensity and color of lights to the temperature of each room and the volume level of music playing on a sound system.

Bham Design Studio website
via [HuffPost]

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