July 22, 2017

59 Retro Posters Celebrate the Colorful Diversity of America’s National Parks

To explore the diversity and share the beauty of America's beloved National Parks, a group of nature-loving artists and designers has created a colorful collection of retro National Park posters. Compiled into the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series and produced by The National Poster Retrospecticus, these vintage-inspired posters celebrate the natural wonder of these majestic sites. Nostalgically known as “America's best idea,” the National Parks encompass an amazing array of awe-inspiring landforms and landscapes.

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July 19, 2017

Creative Mom Dresses Up in Amazing Cosplay to Represent Older Women Characters

Proving that costumes aren't just for kids, Solange Amorim, or Tia sol, has taken dress-up to another level. The Brazil-based mom enjoys attending local cosplay events, where she wows young and old attendees alike with her spot-on pop culture costumes. Tia sol crafts each eccentric ensemble using separate articles purchased online, which she creatively pieces together into amazingly accurate get-ups. With a preference for cartoon cosplay, she cleverly chooses characters not often represented by younger costume enthusiasts.

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July 17, 2017

30+ Tattoos Inspired by the Majestic Beauty of Architecture

We all know that good architecture has the ability to create connections to place, and this runs so deep that people are even getting architecturally inspired ink. From hyper-realistic tattoos of well-known buildings to line work that highlights specific architectural elements, architecture tattoo designs are becoming increasingly popular, and you don't have to be an architect to get one.

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July 13, 2017

Taipei Transforms Public Subway Cars into Immersive Sports Venues

Immersive advertising is an ingenious way to get people excited about a campaign or cause, because they then feel like they’re part of the action. This can happen any place—even somewhere as ordinary as public transit. The New York Public Library recently transformed one of their underground trains into a Subway Library, complete with seats camouflaged as book shelves. In a similar fashion, Taipei City has cloaked the interiors of their mass rapid transit (MRT)

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