April 21, 2017

“Pirate Printers” Transfer New Urban Designs on Clothing Using Manhole Covers

Guerilla printing collective Raubdruckerin (“Pirate Printers”) has taken their urban printing technique on the road, embarking on a two-month tour around Europe. Based in Berlin, the group keeps an eye out for geometric patterns on city streets—printing t-shirts and tote bags with eco-friendly ink and a paint roller. Their work reminds us of the graphic beauty that pervades our urban landscape, something that is often overlooked.

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April 19, 2017

Digital Installation Transforms Restaurant into Immersive Dining Experience

Known for their digital interactive installations, teamLab‘s newest piece enhances the dining experience of guests at Tokyo's Sagaya restaurant. The exclusive eatery allows just eight customers a day, who will now immerse themselves in an interactive dining experience. The multi-sensory event draws on taste, smell, and the beauty of Japan as an ever-changing table bounces with imagery created especially for each course.

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