October 18, 2017

Woman Hand Sews Eclectic Kimono to Honor Her Japanese and Scottish Ancestry

A kimono is traditionally a Japanese garment, but it has, in recent years, undergone cultural transformations. One striking way is via Western influence; for nuptials that combine elements of Japanese culture and Christian traditions, a kimono wedding dress is a popular choice. Another recent collaboration between Norwegian designer T-Michael and Tokyo-based company Y. & Sons blends the aesthetic of the iconic robes with minimalist Scandinavian style.

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October 13, 2017

Airstream Unveils New “European Inspired” Trailer Ready for Off-the-Grid Living

For over 80 years, Airstream has continued to innovate, evolving the way travelers can take to the open road while bringing the comforts of home with them. After introducing an affordable Airstream last year, the American company is back with a new twist on the classic trailer. The Airstream Globetrotter is a European-inspired trailer with a minimalist interior and ability to go off-grid.

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October 11, 2017

Innovative Floating Tent Makes the World Your Waterbed to Sleep Under the Stars

You can’t walk on water, but you can now sleep on it thanks to the Shoal Tent from Smithfly. The first of its kind, this floating raft is equipped with a tent topper that allows you to stay dry while you sleep under the stars. “The world is your waterbed,” the company writes, and they encourage you to set up camp on the likes of a tranquil farm pond or gentle spring creek.

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October 9, 2017

Learn How Hand Lettering Can Elevate Ordinary Text into Extraordinary Art

The world is full of text, and not all of it is designed to be pretty. Typography, like any creative field, can be dry and boring. One area in which it shines, however, is in hand lettering. This approach adds a distinctive flair to ordinary text and infuses it with personality and unique flourishes you wouldn’t find in ordinary typefaces. So, how does hand lettering differ from conventional typography? For one, it’s often project specific.

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