March 30, 2017

25+ Creative Bookcases That Add a Modern Twist to Interior Design

Who said bookcases had to be boring? In the past, pieces of such furniture were predominantly characterized by their vertical orientation and rectangular design. Today, however, many designers have opted instead for a more avant-garde aesthetic. In this collection of creative bookshelves, we present imaginative, one-of-a-kind examples of the timeless furnishing. Some boast both an original design and a multi-functional purpose, putting a stylish spin on storage space.

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March 28, 2017

Adorably Sad Unicorn Candle Cries Rainbow Tears When Lit

In recent years, candle design has taken a creative turn. Rather than producing the same—and conventional—big pillar candles or tiny tealights, designers have gone a different route by combining elements of sculpture that interacts with the melting wax. From hatching dinosaurs to surprise animal skeletons, the possibilities for fun seem endless. The latest in these playful novelty candles is seemingly ripped from the cover of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

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