June 27, 2017

Traditional Tea House-Inspired Starbucks Will Soon Open its Doors in Kyoto

On June 30, coffee lovers in Kyoto will be graced with a special new Starbucks shop. Unlike the chain's other locations that have popped up in the city over the last few years, however, this new addition will offer its treats with a tatami twist. Inspired by traditional Japanese design, the new shop pairs the quick convenience of a Starbucks coffee with the tranquility of a tea room.

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June 26, 2017

Clever Pair of T-Shirts Turn Father and Son into ‘The Original’ and ‘The Remix’

Father's Day may be over, but one dad-and-son duo is keeping the holiday spirit alive through their clever t-shirts. Designed by quirky company KaAn's Designs, the pair's shirts comically deem themselves “The Original” and “The Remix.” In a photo posted on Twitter by a man named Brad (@moveslikezagger), the stylish father and son are shown riding the subway in their matching tops.

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June 22, 2017

Cannes Lions Winning Campaign Adds Feet to Famous Portraits

With the strong belief that “ideas, insight and inspiration” are key to creative business, advertising agency Ogilvy incorporates an artistic edge into its designs. Their inventive approach to advertising is particularly evident in “Portraits Completed,” a clever campaign that won big at the Cannes Lions festival. Designed for Kiwi Shoe Care, “Portraits Completed” reimagines well-known works of art by adding feet to famous portraits.

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June 20, 2017

Quirky Cat-Shaped Flip Flops are the Puuurfect Addition to Summer Fashion

If you’re now experiencing scorching summer temperatures, it's a safe bet you've packed away your boots and opted for something a little cooler on your feet. For this, flip flops are an obvious choice. With their streamlined design, however, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of opportunity to try something new. But as the Japanese brand Nyarageta shows, you can improve on a classic.

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