LEGO Launches Two New Out-Of-This-World Space-Themed Sets

Picture Of Completed Artemis Rocket LEGO Set With Woman In Background

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The iconic LEGO company is planning to launch some new space-themed sets later this month. While they will be releasing a little too late for “May the Fourth” (aka Star Wars Day) and neither set has to do with the Star Wars franchise, that doesn't mean that the designs aren't out of this world. The releases include a multicolored hanging Milky Way Galaxy set made of 3,091 pieces that includes important locations—such as the Pleiades and the Pillars of Creation—and a small-scale replica of the Artemis Rocket, which was an unmanned lunar flight test launched by NASA in 2022.

The Milky Way Galaxy set allows builders to create a layered, three-dimensional representation of humankind's home in the universe. The set comes with a small “You are here” tile to represent the Solar System, providing a humbling reminder of our place in the universe. In the spirit of our humanity, the set is made to be built in five separate chunks, encouraging people to assemble it with a small group. Additionally, each of the instruction manuals contains a QR code that, when scanned, plays a soundtrack filled with fun facts about the Milky Way.

The NASA Artemis Rocket Space Launch System set is even larger, consisting of 3,601 pieces. It is modeled after the rocket that is part of NASA's plan to send humans back to the Moon in the coming years. The rocket comes with a display stand and decorative plaque describing the craft, ensuring that it can be proudly displayed once it's finished. It also features a smaller Orion spacecraft, which is a crewed craft also to be used on the Artemis mission.

Both sets go on sale May 18, 2024 on the LEGO website, with the Milky Way set priced at $199.99 and the Artemis Rocket set listed at $259.99.

LEGO will be releasing two new space-themed LEGO sets later in May 2024.

Picture Of Completed Milky Way LEGO Set With Box

Picture Of Artemis Rocket LEGO Set Box

The first set is a three-dimensional portrait of the Milky Way Galaxy, complete with a marker to indicate where our solar system is.

Picture Of Completed Milky Way LEGO Set

Picture Of Completed Milky Way LEGO Set

Close Up Shot Of "You Are Here" Label On Picture Of Milky Way LEGO Set

Picture Of Woman Holding Completed Milky Way LEGO Set

The second is a replica of NASA's Artemis Rocket and smaller Orion spacecraft.

Picture Of Completed Artemis Rocket LEGO Set

Picture Of Completed Artemis Rocket LEGO Set

Close Up Picture Of Completed Artemis Rocket LEGO Set

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All images via LEGO.

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