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Awesome New Illustrations for Nike

Speed Trap

Chow Hon Lam just wrote to us to tell us about his recently released commission. Back in 2010, Nike contacted the Malaysian artist to see if he would, exclusively, make them some funny t-shirt designs. In essence, they wanted something “different.” Throughout the past two years he created several, all of which will be eventually released to the market.

In his usual clever and witty way, Lam makes us see the world through his set of eyes. Whether its shoelaces playing one-on-one or a zombie searching for his next meal, you can always count on Lam to deliver something fresh and unique. What's best is that he incorporates Nike's shoes (or brand) in a non-intrusive way. Congrats to our longtime friend for truly delivering on this amazing opportunity.

Dragon Laces

Dunking AIR

Ultimate Jump

Sharing AIR

Speed UP With Air

Hang in the AIR

Break with Air

Chow Hon Lam's Behance and Facebook page

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