CN Tower’s Extreme EdgeWalk

For those who of you who aren't afraid of extreme heights, EdgeWalk is a new attraction at the CN Tower in Toronto that allows visitors to walk along the edge of the tower while tethered to a safety cable. The view at 1,168 ft looks terrifying and amazing at the same time. Visitors are screened for narcotics, explosives and heavy objects before being allowed to take the breathtaking stroll.

“We think it’s fitting that Toronto’s newest attraction in 18 years should be at the city’s most defining landmark,” said Mark Laroche, President and CEO, Canada Lands Company, Owner and Operator of the CN Tower. “EdgeWalk is both thrilling and unique and will push visitors to their limits – literally and figuratively. This will be among Toronto’s, if not the world’s, greatest attractions.”

Daredevils: Afterward, if you don't experience a heart attack, you may want to take a special trip to Japan to ride the world's steepest roller coaster!

Edgewalk at the CN Tower: Website
via [Laughing SquidNational Post]

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