Stunning Circular Land Art Made of Rocks and Leaves

Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of land art. While on a trip to Greece, he starting playing with the sand and pebbles on one of its beaches and felt an artistic inclination to “create something.” His first mosaic arose out of that experience and he continued down this path, seeing it more as a playful hobby than a full-time career. He started to photograph his works, and after finding a strong connection to the beauty of Scottish landscapes, he eventually settled down in northern Scotland, creating stunning land art works along its coasts.

“My installations blend flawlessly into the landscape and often appear to have been there forever,” he tells us. “Harmony is important to me, as well as handling the gifts of nature with due respect. I can't really answer the question as to why I make art in nature. I only know that I feel very good with it. Despite all the challenges involved in working with nature, I continue venturing out with unblemished enthusiasm. I am simply following the call of my soul. So whether I like it or not, nature is the true and never-ending source of my inspiration, my grandest stage. Here I feel free and at home. To work with her, and in her, is a tremendous gift. In a word, my artistic work has something to do with peace. Peace with nature, with the weather, the stones, the light and the inscrutable ocean. Peace with myself.”

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December 5, 2016

Artist Continues to Masterfully Transform Her Eyelids Into Works of Art

Few are adept at their eye makeup as Tal Peleg. Over the past several years, she’s continually transformed her eyelids into incredible works of tiny art. Using her skin as a canvas, Peleg paints intricate scenes above and around her eye, often with her brow as part of the composition. “I find the eye to be a very interesting and challenging canvas,” she told Insomniac.

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December 4, 2016

Creative Colorful Frames Turn Jars of All Sizes Into Vases

Sydney-based home décor label Rainy Sunday is renowned for its beautiful vases and floral accoutrements. While all of the company’s pretty products are cleverly crafted and aesthetically contemporary, its latest creation, the HOME Vase, may be its most creative yet. The HOME Vase is simple in design, composed of only an arched steel frame and a vessel. When placed above the container, the frame, which is perforated with evenly-spaced punctures, holds cut flowers in place.

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