Quirky Ceramic Face Pots Are Given a Wild Hairdo When You Add a Plant

Artist Jennifer Hinkle creates a small, colorful world out of charming ceramic planters. Through her shop Hinkleville, she sells her handcrafted pots that are adorned with glossy glazes and sweet, tiny faces. Each of Hinkle’s creations feature the same sort of expression—a stylized depiction of shut eyes—which provides a sense of uniformity among her various surface patterns and textures.

The ceramic planters are adorable on their own, but they’re made complete with the addition of a flower or succulent—suddenly, they’ve got a new hairdo! Depending on your preference, the plant can be changed as often as you like. Each time, it’s like a tiny makeover for the porcelain people.

The “citizens” of Hinkleville are available on Etsy.

Hinkleville: Etsy
via [Culture N Lifestyle, Brown Paper Bag]

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