More Stunningly Surreal Portraits Featuring Wild Animals by Katerina Plotnikova

Since the last time we featured Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova’s incredible portraits of young women holding wild animals, her stunning images have only grown more daring, now featuring even larger and more exotic creatures such as bears, elephants, giraffes, and elk.

The photographer’s artistic images are hauntingly beautiful, expertly blending surrealism with mythical and fairytale elements. Soft and muted colors lend a dreamy look to the enchanting photos. The contrast between delicate, feminine models and powerful, wild animals is fascinating, conjuring up images of regal princesses embarking on adventures in faraway lands that are filled with fantasy and magic.

Despite the apparent risk in capturing these shots of models interacting so closely with wild animals, there was actually no danger at all, as Plotnikova had the help of professional animal trainers during the photo shoots. To prove it, the photographer posted a behind-the-scenes photo on her Facebook page, showing the bear sneaking a treat from its trainer’s hand from over the model’s shoulder.

Katerina Plotnikova on 500px
Katerina Plotnikova on Facebook
via [Bored Panda]

December 6, 2016

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