Heartwarming Photos of Adorable Baby Foxes

This past spring, wildlife photographer Roeselien Raimond spent some time capturing the babies of her favorite animal subject, the red fox. More specifically, she followed the lives of three baby foxes (or kits), coming back with some of the most adorable wildlife photos you’ll ever see.

Roeselien was kind enough to send us these new photos along with a sweet, short story that accompanies them.

“As long as I can remember, I wanted to capture these cute, furry fox kits.
All they need to do is to sit and be cute, just that.
When it comes to cubs, my perfectionism evaporates into thin air.
Sharpness, correct lighting?
SO overrated.

“The right amount of cuteness, that’s what it takes.
But this simple cuteness proved a little more difficult to find than expected.
Cuteness tends to hide behind prickly bushes or in forbidden areas.
And she likes to move, just when you finally found her.

“But this year, after countless footsteps, a seriously neglected social life and a hundred removed ticks, I finally found a bunch of fox kits, being way more cute then I could have dreamed.
And as a bonus they appeared to hide fascinating little characters behind all this cuteness
And once more I realized that this complexity is just what makes me coming back for more.”

Of course they all have strong disarming capabilities.

Some are a bit aloof,

while others are really brave,

or a little adventurous.

Most of them are highly curious

and sometimes even funny.

And you wouldn't believe how loving they can be.

Some fox cubs will remain shy, even when you’ve become part of the furniture.

While others seemed to get bored by the photographer.

But the one thing they all have in common is a total cute overload. And that’s why I will never get enough of fox kits.

Big thanks to Roeselien for the heartwarming shots (and story)!

Roeselien Raimond’s website and blog

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