Woven Wall Art Uses Colorful Thread to Recreate the Beauty of Natural Landscapes

Savannah Teel marries the ancient craft of weaving with modern technology to produce art that’s a balance between old and new worlds. Working under the name Savvie Studio, she creates small original wall hangings that speak to the beauty of nature, from the forests to the desert. Each piece features a colorful woven backdrop (to mimic an intensely-hued sky) that illuminates silhouetted portraits of trees and cacti.

Everything, from the weaving to the framing, is created by Teel. “In a world of mass produced goods,” she writes, “I take great joy in making the artist's hand evident in every piece.” Her creations are deeply personal and inspired by the woods of east Texas where she grew up and her earliest excursions to the Southwest United States. Seeing them, she hopes, will “inspire your next travel, or help you reminisce on travels past.”

Teel’s woven wall art is available in her Savvie Studio Etsy shop.

Want to learn to weave? Teel sells DIY kits, too:

Savannah Teel: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [So Super Awesome]

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