Creative Pet Photographer Shoots Her Adorable Three Dogs

Though we’d previously seen the hilarious photo of a superhero dog all around the web, we didn’t trace it back to pet photographer Serenah until today. Posing proudly in his starry cape and helmet, while sitting on top of a shopping cart, the dog is the epitome of awesomeness and the image is just one of those you can’t erase from your memory.

The New Zealand-born, Australia-based photographer owns more than just this dachshund, named Ralph. She also takes care of Simon the bulldog and was the owner of mastiff Rocco until he passed away. The creative pet photographer cites these three dogs as her muses but you can tell by the way she shoots them that they’re much more than that. Like a member of her family, Serenah captures each of them in a human sort of way.

For much more of Simon, Ralph and the other animals she shoots (yes, there’s even cats), you can follow Serenah on her Facebook page.

Serenah’s website

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