Too Cool or Lookin’ Like a Fool? Crystal Sunglasses

I can't decide whether I love these Swarovski inspired crystal sunglasses or if I hate them. If you saw your friend sportin' these at the club would you scream in delight or shudder in silence? From the designer's own words: “experience a new world – discover the world anew you do not only adorn yourself with these glasses, you see the whole world through the magic of crystal. elaborate swarovski technology makes it possible. the lens' patented facet-grinding technique combines pure, brilliant, diamond like-clarity with the unique swarovski crystal appearance. put on a pair of these and a whole new vista opens up. thanks to optic clusters your range and scope of vision is broadened producing a noticeable difference of view. rose colored vision was never so easy.”

So I ask you, my friends, too cool or lookin' like a fool? Via Design Boom

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