Iconic Movie Villains Teamed up for a High-Fashion Prada Runway Show That Looked Wickedly Good

Who's the most iconic movie villain you can think of? Maybe it's the towering Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, or the intimidating Joker from Batman. Whoever comes to mind, one thing is certain—villains have a particular fashion sense, and many of them are even more opulent than the heroes themselves. Drawing from this, Prada once held a mischievous runway, summoning actors that have played some unforgettable bad guys to showcase their clothes.

In 2012, Prada rounded up Gary Oldman (Léon), Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man), Adrien Brody (The Grand Budapest Hotel), and Eli Roth (Pulp Fiction) to close their Fall/Winter menswear show, dubbing it as “The Villain Runway.” Their daring energy was perfect for the collection, which featured elegant three-piece suits and sleek coats that would make any Bond villain place an order.

“The set was an auditorium in the round, with an exploded Persian carpet as its base; think Soviet-era Kremlin interiors given a trippy revamp by Rudolf Stingel,” writes Vogue‘s Liam Hess.”The models stomped their circuits with military precision, wrapped up in double-breasted pinstripe suits and fur-trimmed coats cinched aggressively tight, while tinted sunglasses and rosettes were not so much pinned to their breast pockets as plunged into them…It was like seeing the shady characters that populate his stories come to life; instead of sliding briefcases across park benches at clandestine rendezvous points in Belgrade or Gdansk, here they were walking a runway in Milan.”

Browse some of the elegant outfits donned by these movie stars below.

Prada once held a runway show called “The Villains,” summoning actors that have played some unforgettable bad guys to showcase their clothes.

PRADAS's “The Villains” runway from 2012
byu/Rude_Lifeguard inpopculturechat

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