Fascinating Video Shows Man Getting a Perm To Achieve a Curly Mustache

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Some of the most interesting facial hair styles out there include mustaches with long curls and swirls. Not only can they grab your attention, but they also say a lot about the wearer's personality. However, getting a cool ‘stache is not always as easy as simply growing out your facial hair. As a viral video shows, mustache perms may be key to achieving those eye-catching structured mustaches.

The best part of this process is that it looks more practical than chemical. The video, posted to Reddit, shows a man with a long, but fairly straight, mustache at the barber shop. The styler carefully wraps a white thread around one of the sides of the man's mustache. The thread is braided tightly enough for the hair to adapt to that shape.

Once the thread reaches the end of the skin, the real magic begins. After wrapping the rest of the hair, the barber begins working upward, and soon forms a curl above the man's mouth and ties it to the middle part. He then proceeds to repeat the process on the other side. After some time, the barber removes the thread by cutting it and voilà—an elegant mustache right out of a mystery novel.

The practice seems to be common in barber shops that cater to Sikh men, to whom the kesh (the practice of allowing one's hair to grow naturally) is a show of respect to the will of God. Additionally, these thread perms can also be performed on sideburns and beards, allowing even more creative options for those with facial hair.

Mustache perms may be key to achieving eye-catching structured mustaches. Have you ever seen one?

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h/t: [Reddit]

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