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Urban Street Art: City Faces – C215 (18 pieces)


French street artist Christian Gumy aka C215 travels around the world beautifying the streets wherever he goes. He usually paints local faces because “faces reflect the personality” of a city.

“I paint in the streets people really belonging to the streets: tramps, but also beggars, street orphans from the poorest countries. This is a stencil tradition by the way,” he says. “The streets are just my favorite gallery, I been in love with graffiti since i was a child. Sure I did draw, paint free hand, with brushes, with cans, but stencils are the best way to quick place something beautiful anywhere in the streets, without any fucking authorization.”

Here are some of my favorite pieces from just a handful of cities he's traveled to. As you can see, this guy is truly amazing.


Los Angeles

New Delhi

Sao Paulo


C215's Flickr profile

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