Quiet Landscape Paintings Remind Us to Cherish The Familiar

New Zealand-based artist Yukari Kaihori’s exquisite landscape paintings showcase natural beauty. Using both vivid and subdued colors with fine details, she depicts uninhabited spaces that feature luscious greenery and dotted bright flowers. Playing with techniques like glazing, her style is both controlled and uninhibited. Kaihori layers textures using repetitive brushstrokes, but also lets her media have a mind of its own as it diffuses and washes onto her composition.

Kaihori’s work is a recreation of her experiences. She leads us on a quiet path, down snowy roads and along property lines. Devoid of people, it means we're on an unaccompanied walk, where we take the the time to notice the little things that make the world lovely.

In a statement about her paintings, Kaihori writes that she wants to challenge the common perception of ordinary places. She holds the philosophical belief that nothing is constant, "not even a familiar street, site, house, friends and family. Everything around us and everything within ourselves. Nothing remains untouched. We all are living things that transform from moment to moment, process to process." This point of view encourages us to enjoy what we have now rather than always thinking of what lies ahead and be fully present in our lives.

Yukari Kaihori website
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January 23, 2017

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