6 Hilarious Hipster Blogs

Love 'em or hate 'em the hipsters make the internet hilarious. With a rise of hipster blogs all over the web, I thought I'd put together a few that would give you a good chuckle today. Yes, some are bordering on mean but it's the internet, what do you expect?

Hipster is the New Homeless
If you've ever wondered whether someone was a hipster or a homeless person, this blog captures those people in a gently mocking way. As Aaron Small, co-collaborator says, “There's a charming hypocrisy of looking sloppy but doing it with precision. Some clearly go overboard to achieve the look. The blog documents people that blur those lines.”

Unhappy Hipsters
If you've ever looked at a Dwell magazine and wondered just what the people posing in those magazines were thinking check out Unhappy Hipsters. Someone give these people some Xanax.

Hipster Puppies
Just who dresses up their dogs in hipster's clothes and accessories? More people than you realize. Check out this blog and then be depressed that these dogs dress better than you.

Fuck Yeah Hipster Kitty

Simple concept. A hipster kitty with a cool set of glasses and purple hoodie muses about his hipster life. Damn this cat's crazy cool.

Look at This Fucking Hipster

If you are a big hipster Hater (big H for emphasis) than you'll like this blog. Look at this fucking hipster or lafth.com shocks you with their title and then makes you cringe when you see their pictures.

Stuff Hipsters Hate

Ah let the hating continue but this time from the other side. Stuff Hipsters Hate is a website dedicated to seeing life through the cynical eyes of a hipster. Why? Because as their motto states, “Because it's cooler to be a hater.”

First photo via Paste Magazine

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