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Abstract Art Made from Ordinary Objects (7 total)


Photographer and filmmaker Armand Dijcks loves to push boundaries. Even as a child he would take his toys apart to build new, more exciting ones or use the original toys in ways unintended by the manufacturer. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that in 2009, when Dijcks bought a Canon 5D Mark II, he looked to do something besides shoot plain photos or video.

Curiosity led Dijcks to experimenting with different photography techniques. One of them was intentional camera movement (ICM) photography, a technique where the camera is moved around in various ways while taking photos with relatively long exposures. What resulted is his abstract “Lightscapes” series. Images are of familiar items – a chair, kitchen mixer or piece of clothing – transformed into something unexpected and new. While other photographers engage in camera tossing, Armand prefers to pan, twist and turn his camera in a variety of ways to get his artistic shots.

“This kind of photography is quite liberating, in that you have very little control over the outcome and the results are usually a quite surprising and unpredictable,” he says. “It seems almost impossible to create the same photo twice.”

Take a look at Dijcks work and try and guess what these objects are before you look at our key.




Liquid Spaces

Warp Drive


Auris: Tail lights of a 2011 Toyota Auris hybrid car
Ignite: Orange and white jacket draped over a chair, set against a dark grey wall
Energy: Drinking glass on a black table next to a green chair
Aero: Stainless steel Nespresso Aerochino on a walnut table against a dark grey wall
Both Liquid Spaces and Warp Drive: Disk drive on a black table
Aurora: Cobalt blue KitchenAid mixer with stainless steel mixing bowl

Armand Dijcks website

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