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October 29, 2016

4-Year-Old and Sweet Elderly Man Form a Heartwarming Friendship

No birthday present is better than making a new friend, as 4-year-old Norah found out firsthand. Last month, Norah and her mother, Tara Wood, were shopping for birthday cupcakes at a grocery store when an older gentleman with a furrowed brow walked by. “We'd passed several other elderly customers but [Norah] seemed magnetically drawn to this man,” Wood wrote on a Facebook post about her daughter's interaction.

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October 26, 2016

Father Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Doodles Into Absurd Real-Life Creations

Children's doodles are a thing to be treasured, not overlooked. Sure, the subject isn't always obvious to the adult eye and children often need to be prompted to explain what they drew, but a man named Tom Curtis believes that children's art is undervalued for their attempt to capture our reality. In fact, he's making his own 6-year-old son's doodles come to life.

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