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August 2, 2021

One of the World’s Only Globe-Making Studios Celebrates the Ancient Art of Handcrafted Globes

A globe is the only “true” representation of the world that doesn't distort the shape or the size of the earth's features. Terrestrial (showing a map of the world) and celestial (showing the apparent positions of the stars in the sky) globes are known to have been made since the mid-2nd century BC, but the earliest surviving terrestrial globe was made in 1492 by Martin Behaim, a German mapmaker, navigator, and merchant.

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September 16, 2016

Unconventional Bride Decides to Be Her Own Wedding Photographer

When Tallinn, Estonia-based photographer Liisa Luts and her fiancé decided to get married, they wanted a simple and unconventional wedding without any fuss or fanfare. As Luts told us in an email, the couple wanted to avoid the stress of traditional ceremonies, which involve an infinite number of decisions about the cake, gown, guest list, etc.

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March 30, 2016

Gorgeous "Time Slice" Photo Collages Vividly Illustrate the Passage of Time

Since 2013, photographer and motion graphics professional Dan Marker-Moore has tracked the passage of time in cities around the world through gorgeous “time slices,” collages created by digitally merging dozens of individual photos captured minutes and even hours apart. With each strip representing a different point in time, the beautifully graphic images illustrate the transition from day to night through gradients, subtle motions, and the flickering of city lights as darkness falls.

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