19 Different Foods That Surprisingly Bloom Beautiful Flowers

In January, we showed you what some of your favorite foods look like growing in their natural habitats. Now, as winter melts into spring, we're looking at some of the most floral-tastic versions of common fruits and vegetables. Did you know that onions, lemons, and soybeans are all flowering plants? In addition to the familiar cherry blossoms and plum blossoms of the world, here are some surprising foods that sprout beautiful blooms fit for any bouquet.

Plum Photo: Toshihiro Gamo

Strawberry Photo: Antoinette van de Rieth

Onion Photo: fullswing

Eggplant Photo: Eric Allix Rogers

Apple Photo: Sharolk

Olive Photo: Miltos Gikas

Turnip Photo: TANAKA Juuyoh (????)

Orange Photo: Laura Favrow

Papaya Photo: Elizabeth Donoghue

Blackberry Photo: Lize

Carrot Photo: Shihmei Barger ???

Sweet potato Photo: Edward Peters

Pear Photo: Sang You

Peach Photo: [email protected]yahoo.com

Soybean Photo: Kyle Spradley

Potato Photo: Anita

Lemon Photo: Vicki DeLoach

Leek Photo: DncnH

Apricot Photo: Tim Wang

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