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August 11, 2019

What is Contemporary Art? An In-Depth Look at the Modern-Day Movement

To many people, coming up with a contemporary art definition can be a tricky task. While its title is simplistic and straightforward, its modern-day meaning is not as clear-cut. Fortunately, understanding what constitutes as “contemporary” is entirely possible once one traces the concept’s history and explores its underlying themes.   What is contemporary art? In its most basic sense, the term contemporary art refers to art—namely, painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and video art—produced today.

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August 7, 2019

Tracing the History of Decorative Art, a Genre Where “Form Meets Function”

Today, the word “art” is often associated with genres like drawing, painting, and sculpture. However, in addition to these subgroups (collectively referred to as “fine art”), there exists another important art form: decorative art. Comprising crafts that pair form with function, decorative art has played a pivotal role in the history of art, whether materializing as ancient wares, medieval textiles, or modern furniture.

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August 5, 2019

Perfectly Timed Photo Shows Singing Blackbird Creating Vortex Rings with His Breath

This year, amateur bird photographer Kathrin Swoboda achieved a career-changing shot. Like many photographs of birds, her portrait of a blackbird stars a perched, singing subject. What sets this photograph apart from others, however, is that viewers can actually see his song—an element expertly captured by the strategic photographer. Early on March 17, 2019, Swoboda set out toward Huntley Meadows Park, an island in Virginia favored by nature photographers for its  wildlife-friendly wetlands.

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August 2, 2019

These Crafty Cakes Look Like They’re Covered in Elaborate Embroidered Patterns

For years, self-described “flour child” Leslie Vigil has wowed us with her beautiful, blossoming buttercream cakes. On top of magically transforming frosting into flowers, however, the seasoned cake artist boasts another skill: she can craft elaborate embroidered designs out of nothing but piped icing. In her colorful collection of Tapestry Cakes, Vigil covers ordinary sheet cakes in sugary sweet “stitches.

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