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Sam Pires is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and an architectural designer. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from NJIT. Sam has design experience at multiple renowned architecture firms such as Gensler and Bjarke Ingels Group. She believes architecture should be more accessible to everyone and uses writing to tell unexpected stories about the built environment.
February 10, 2021

Gorgeous Floating Research Station Wins the 2020 Grand Prix Award

Climate change and the resulting rise in sea levels is directly impacting the future of architecture. It’s an unavoidable truth that environmental issues need to be addressed right now. One looming problem that designers like Lenka Petráková are brilliantly giving attention to is ocean pollution and conservation. In fact, Petráková’s design concept for a floating ocean research and remediation station, called 8th Continent, has just won her the 2020 Grand Prix Award.

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February 8, 2021

Dynamic Art Installation Uses AI To Turn 200 Million Nature Images Into a Mesmerizing 3D Visual Experience

Digital artist Refik Anadol is known for his dynamic installations that leave viewers in awe and his latest installation created for the 2020 NGV Triennial, titled Quantum Memories, is no exception. For this project, he uses an algorithm to interpret over 200 million images of nature to create incredible swirling videos that are mesmerizing to watch.

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February 6, 2021

Get a Crash Course in Modernist Architecture With 8 Styles That Define the Movement

Describing an architecture style as “modern” may inherently be a bit confusing. After all, a structure was modern while it was being designed and built. Why then, do so many movements and styles in the 20th-century fall under modernism? What was so different that designers felt the need to label their work as indicative of a new future?

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January 31, 2021

How LEED Certification and Other Systems Help Make Sustainable Architecture Possible

Buzzwords like sustainable architecture, green architecture, and environmental architecture are mentioned in almost every large-scale building project. While widespread adoption of environmental practices is certainly a great thing, it can be difficult to keep up and understand what makes a good sustainable building. Accountability is important when talking about green architecture.

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