Futuristic Office Pod Offers a Stylish Way To Separate Work From Home

Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

As working from home has become the norm, many have realized the need for a dedicated office area. If you want this type of space but don't have room for it within your house, it may be time to look for outside solutions. Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood is a prefabricated home office that is perfect for people with backyards and can be installed in just two days.

Workstation Cabin has a distinctive shape that doubles as an outdoor sculpture. Hello Wood uses unusual angles to define the form of its structure and elevates the pod on metal stilts. The angles were carefully considered to fit up to six people within a single 91-square-foot module and each have their own unique workspace. In order to accommodate so many people in a relatively small room, the interior is designed for maximum flexibility with no permanent furniture except for a single bench that can hide a heating and air conditioning unit.

Interior of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

The wood cladding is FSC-certified Scots pine that is carefully fitted together for a weathertight seal. Each of the wooden pieces of the structure is fabricated using CNC machines which help to achieve perfect joints. Insulation—as well as the tightly fit pieces—makes the cabin soundproof for focused work while others are using the backyard.  The interior remains well-lit thanks to large windows and skylights that match the language of the structure.

Hello Wood was interested in work-from-home solutions before the COVID-19 pandemic, but its idea might now appeal to more people. “We started designing the Workstation Cabin a few months before the lockdown,” says co-founder Dávid Ráday. “Although there had been a need for more separate meeting rooms before the pandemic, there is now a rapidly growing demand for isolated work possibilities.” The designers now imagine that the product can be used by companies as flexible meeting rooms or as working spaces as needs expand or by individuals and families for their own needs at home.

If you are convinced that Workstation Cabin can solve your work from home space issues, you can purchase your own unit starting at $28,000. From there, you can add on extra amenities like a sound system, an outdoor deck, a television set, and more. Begin planning your unit at Hello Wood.

If you're struggling for some privacy while working from home, the futuristic Workstation Cabin might be right for you.Exterior View of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Interior View of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Exterior View of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Exterior of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Interior of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Full View of Workstation Cabin by Hello Wood

Hello Wood: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Hello Wood.

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