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Sam Pires is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and an architectural designer. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from NJIT. Sam has design experience at multiple renowned architecture firms such as Gensler and Bjarke Ingels Group. She believes architecture should be more accessible to everyone and uses writing to tell unexpected stories about the built environment.

October 26, 2020

This All-Pink Apartment in Madrid Is a Bubblegum Dream Vacation Spot

The idea of monochromatic spaces may bring to mind stark black and white rooms, but Patricia Bustos Studios redefines single-color spaces in this all-pink rental apartment. The designers used a bold color scheme to stand out amongst the tough vacation rental competition in Madrid. They use 12 shades of pink to style the small unit, creating a unique identity that the studio says they achieved through “aesthetic madness.

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October 23, 2020

There’s a Magical Bridge of Light in an Indonesian Forest

Photographer Warman Wardhani introduces us to the next magical destination everyone will want to add to their travel bucket list—the Orchid Forest Cikole. Located in Lembang in West Java, Indonesia, this atmospheric forest is home to the largest collection of orchids in Indonesia. It holds over 20,000 orchids of many rare species.

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October 18, 2020

Architects Propose World’s Tallest Tower in NYC That Eats Up Carbon

The latest conceptual project from architecture firm Rescubika envisions a soaring “green” residential tower on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. The building pushes the limit of current sustainability practices and reimagines modern living in a dense urban future. Dramatic renderings of the tower visualize an undulating form made possible by parametric design.

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