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Before-and-After Photos Show Incredible Physical Changes of Life Without Alcohol


Craft beers are hugely popular and wine tasting is fun, but the effects of alcohol can be seriously detrimental to one's health. When consumed in excess, it can lead to a host of health issues, including liver failure and brain damage. Although those results are from repeated alcohol abuse, there are smaller signs of too much drinking—like bloated, puffy skin and a dull complexion.

Tired of the physical and emotional ramifications of too much alcohol, some people abstain from it entirely. Whether it be on their own or through a support program, many brave individuals have shared photographs of before and after they got sober. The differences are staggering—many of these people made incredible physical transformations in less than a year. They’ve lost significant amounts of weight, got fit, and have glowing skin. Best of all, they look genuinely happy to be alive.

Check out their personal victories, below.

7 months sober
Photo source: ghostbackwards

6 months sober
Photo source: size16french

8.5 months sober
Photo source: brittsuzanne

1.5 years sober
Photo source: @luscrib89

Two years sober
Photo source: silverladder

drinking_ov1.5 years sober
Photo source: dr_dan_is_sober

Six months sober
Photo source: Caudebac

3 years, 5 months sober
Photo source: Tonya Raleigh

300 days sober
Photo source: Meatteo

6 months sober
Photo source: MyMorningBender

via [Bored Panda, Little Things]

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