December 12, 2019

Artist Fed Up With Reading Bad News Illustrates the Good News From 2019

It’s no secret that the news can be depressing. With seemingly endless headlines about corruption, violence, environmental disasters and more, illustrator Mauro Gatti has created a salve for these dark times. His ongoing project The Happy Broadcast shines a light on the good happening in the world. The popular Instagram account features colorful illustrations that share a positive headline and a corresponding news story in the caption.

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November 26, 2019

“Sober Bars” Are Giving People in Recovery a Place to Socialize Without Alcohol

For people recovering from alcohol addiction or those simply trying to improve their health, being around others that drink can trigger a real challenge to their sobriety. This leaves many sober individuals avoiding licensed bars altogether, which can understandably cause feelings of isolation, or even boredom. There’s no reason why teetotal people can’t still enjoy the social aspect of their local pubs though. That’s why “sober bars” are opening across the U.S.

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