September 17, 2020

Son Convinces His Mom to Share Her Wisdom With a Sign Each Day on Instagram

Moms are full of great advice—some of it we remember, while other tidbits we wish we did. If you could use more mom wisdom in your life, the Instagram account @motherwithsign is a must-follow. Started by Pranav Sapra and his mom Poonam Sapra, it features Poonam’s wise words written onto signs that she holds for the camera. “It’s OK to be confused sometimes,” one reads. “We are all trying to figure out life.

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September 10, 2020

600 Women Around the World Created a “Healing Blanket” To Confront Gender Violence [Interview]

When Marietta Bernstorff read a story about a young woman’s violent death, it left her completely rattled. One of the most heartbreaking truths of the matter was that this type of violence against a woman was not a rare occurrence. She continued to learn that in 2019 alone, 10 women/girls a day were being murdered in Mexico. Additionally, the violence against women worldwide had increased during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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September 7, 2020

The Story of Kathrine Switzer: The Running Legend Who Ran the Boston Marathon When Women Weren’t Allowed

A little over 50 years ago, Kathrine Switzer took a bold step when she submitted her form to participate in the Boston Marathon. Her initials read K.V. Switzer (a common practice of hers when signing her name), which allowed her to remain gender-ambiguous until the day of the race. For the previous 70 years, the Boston Marathon had been an all-male event and her presence wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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