May 4, 2021

Duck Visits Same 7th-Story Balcony To Hatch Ducklings Twice During Lockdown

Those forced to endure pandemic lockdown in a big city may have felt a little more cooped up than most. Being stuck in a small apartment for weeks on end and having few options for outside entertainment or recreation is enough to make anyone go stir crazy. Needless to say, city life doesn’t usually offer many opportunities to relax by getting out and connecting with nature either.

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April 20, 2021

Missing Hiker Rescued After Man on Twitter Found His Location From a Photo of His Feet

When Rene Compean found himself lost during a hiking trip in the San Gabriel Mountains, he took a picture of his feet. The photo showed his boots dangling over rocks near Mount Waterman, which is about 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Compean sent the image to a friend and said that he was lost. Not only that, but his cell phone was losing battery.

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