September 16, 2023

Artist Creates Heartwarming Paintings for Ukrainian Refugees To Give to Their UK Host Families

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, families in the United Kingdom opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees as part of the Homes for Ukraine program. This allowed people to quickly sponsor and take individuals into their homes long-term. Now, as many of these Ukrainian families are moving on to their own homes in the UK, one artist has come up with a special way to commemorate the bonds forged during the experience.

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September 12, 2023

Robert Irwin Rescues a Snake Trapped Inside a Vending Machine

Wildlife conservationist Robert Irwin continues to follow in the footsteps of his late father, Steve Irwin. From helping a bird with anger management issues to capturing different animals in spectacular photos, his love of nature and wildlife seems to have no bounds. While he's experienced many unique situations working at the Australia Zoo, he recently had a first-ever animal rescue.

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September 11, 2023

9-Year-Old Gives Tearjerking Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

Weddings are a significant milestone in people's lives. As such, it is often an emotional event for the spouses and the families. This applies to siblings with large age gaps as well. While a 9-year-old from Denver, Colorado, named Gus is over 20 years younger than his sister, Catie, the pair have an unbreakable bond.

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