September 12, 2023

Man Dresses Up as Dog’s Favorite Chew Toy and the Reaction Is So Wholesome

What would make your dog's day? While some canines are more food-motivated and would love a special treat, others love their toys above all else. Dog owners and couple Emily Crisp and Ben Mesches thought of the best way to surprise their golden retriever Jolene: dressing up as the lovable pooch's favorite toy and becoming a life-size version for her to play with.

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September 11, 2023

Mom Teaches Sons How To Share Household Responsibilities So Their Future Partners Can Be Equals

Many people put in effort every day to make the world a more equal place. However, there are many ideas and values that further deepen the gender gap that are still deeply ingrained in our society. And while it may sound like it's an uphill battle, there are many people working hard to overcome these roles, one day at a time. Just look at Payal Desai, a 37-year-old mom who has made waves online.

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