February 20, 2019

103-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandmother Becomes Junior Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park

With a duty to “help to preserve and protect national parks,” the Junior Ranger program at Grand Canyon National Park is a great way for visitors interested in conservation to learn the ropes. While you may think that this role is restricted to little ones, 103-year-old-year old great-great-grandma Rose Torphy has proven that pledging to protect the environment has no age limit. During the government shutdown in January, Torphy took a trip to the Grand Canyon with her family.

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February 5, 2019

Empowering Art Book Highlights Female Artists Overlooked by Museums

As an artist with her own own unique eye, Danielle Krysa has the innate ability to spot the mastery of emerging artists who surround her. In fact, Krysa spent so much time being jealous of other artists prior to her established career, that she turned it into a side hustle, which she aptly titled The Jealous Curator. Krysa’s success lies in her enthusiasm, aesthetic eye, and passion.

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January 21, 2019

25+ of the Most Creative Protest Signs From the 2019 Women’s March

A post shared by Signs of the March (@signsofthemarch) on Jan 20, 2019 at 4:21am PST For the third year in a row, people across the world participated in the Women’s March to advocate and support equality for all walks of life. The demonstrations were noticeably smaller this year—in comparison to the over five million people in the inaugural march—but the essence of the event was not lost. “I came two years ago [to Washington, D.C.].

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January 3, 2019

Cafe Pops Up in Tokyo with Robot Servers Operated by Paralyzed People

Over the last few years, several strides have been made in the realm of robotics. From smart planters to submersible drones, these innovations are designed to make life easier for their operators. This intention is particularly true at Dawn ver.β, a pop-up cafe staffed by automatons that offer agency to “those who have difficulty working.” Developed by Kentaro Yoshifuji—the CEO of Ory Laboratories—the OriHime-D is a server that relies on remote control.

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