January 14, 2020

How 25 Artists Are Using Their Art to Express Their Sadness Over the Australian Bushfires

People around the world are in shock and saddened by the news of Australia’s bushfires. The blazes have been roaring for months and the effects have been devastating. Currently, the fires have taken more than 18 million acres of land, displaced thousands of people (and in some cases, caused their death), and injured or killed millions upon millions of wild animals.

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December 30, 2019

Adorable Shelter Dogs Get to Joyfully Pick Their Own Christmas Gifts

In Ireland, a dog rescue made sure that their pups got a taste of the holidays. Staff and supporters donated toys for the homeless dogs in the shelter, ensuring that they, too, would get a special present for Christmas. And just like kids on Christmas morning, the best part is watching them open their gifts. One by one, 35 dogs were led into a room, where they were each allowed to pick out one toy.

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December 23, 2019

African American Medical Students Pose at Former Plantation to Show Strength and Resilience

More than 150 years after slavery was abolished in the United States, a group of African American Tulane medical students is honoring their ancestors by demonstrating just how far they’ve come since that time. Organized by second-year medical student Russell J. Ledet, fifteen students posed on the steps of former slave quarters at the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana.

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