Aerial Photography

June 6, 2024

21 Incredible Nominees From the 2024 Drone Photo Awards

Since 2018, aerial photography's most talented photographers have been recognized at the Drone Photo Awards. This photo contest, run by the Siena Awards, has recently announced the nominees for the 2024 edition. The nominees, spread across nine categories, are so skilled that it will be a difficult task for the jury to select the winners.

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May 1, 2023

Photographer’s Aerial Photos Give a New Perspective on the Art of Ballet

Photographer Brad Walls is known for his artistic use of drones. And in his new series, he's using the technology to produce work that turns traditional ballet photography upside down. While most ballet photography focuses on a single dancer, Walls wanted to highlight the teamwork that goes into this art form. To do so, he collaborated with six dancers from the English National Ballet.

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January 21, 2023

Stunning Aerial Photos Elevate Agriculture Landscapes Into High Art

Based in Wyoming, Mitch Rouse uses aerial photographs to explore his interests in different industrial sites around America. One of his latest projects is titled Farmland and is a different look at the fields and crops that are an everyday part of many people's lives. Through his lens, these familiar agricultural landscapes transform into high art. Rouse uses the precise geometry of these landscapes, as well as their color, to produce a set of striking images.

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